CounterVortex launches weekly vlog

The CounterVortex now has a weekly vlog, with our roundup of under-reported news and views from around the world, from an unapologetically radical dissident-left perspective—brought to you by your chief reporter, ranter and blogger Bill Weinberg. Subscribe to our new YouTube channel, and please share on social media. If you wish to receive our weekly headlines and digest by email, you can subscribe to that via Substack.

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The global crisis was already at a horrific level due to Russia's war and campaign of genocide in Ukraine when 2023 began. Since this October, even Ukraine has been pushed from the headlines by Israel's unrelenting and massive bombardment of Gaza, now also approaching the level of genocide. And then there are the numerous conflicts around the word that get virtually no coverage—the campaign of drone strikes in Nigeria, a "total war" on ISIS-linked insurgents in Burkina Faso, the counterinsurgency against Tuareg rebels in Mali, the military junta's drone terror against rebellious indigenous peoples in Burma's northern mountains, the popular resistance to the reigning extractivist regimes virtually across Latin America.

CounterVortex going on one-month hiatus

CounterVortex editor, chief blogger, podcaster and ranter Bill Weinberg will be in Mexico for personal reasons for next three weeks and change. So for the next month, we are going on hiatus. Bill may or may not do some blogging or podcasting from Mexico, but we will certainly be at a very reduced level of activity at best. This is neither a vacation nor a journalistic assignment, although Bill may do some journalism if a story presents itself. All will be explained on the CounterVortex podcast when he gets back, with a full account of his travels and experiences in early March. Please don't forget us. Your pledge of just one or two dollars per podcast on Patreon or $10 monthly subscription to support the blog on PayPal will really help to keep this voice and this project alive. We pledge that we will in fact resume regular weekly podcasts and daily blogging in early March. 

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The world faces multiple, urgent converging crises at this moment: the war in Ukraine and relentless Russian disinformation campaign in its defense; the attendant threat of imminent nuclear war; democracy under attack from the fascist right in Europe, AsiaSouth America and here in North America; regimes of mass detention and genocide proliferating worldwide; country after country collapsing into chaotic warfare; an unprecedented global crisis of displacement; the rapid fraying of the planet's life-support systems, and the endemic incapacity of the capitalist system to do anything about it. We are an admittedly small voice amid the online cacophony of bloggery, but we think it is a voice needed more than ever—ongoing coverage of under-reported conflicts, a critical dissident-left perspective with 0% unvetted provocation or state propaganda, a CounterVortex to the general downward spiral. We need your support to do it. Please give what you can.

Bill Weinberg slams 'tankie' pseudo-left on YouTube

In a series of brief interviews with vlogger and activist songster Geof Bard, CounterVortex producer Bill Weinberg dissects the sinister "tankie" phenomenon on the contemporary Western "left," which paradoxically supports Russian imperialism in the name of a misguided "anti-imperialism." This absurd double standard is enabled by the so-called "Chomsky Rule," which holds that we are only permitted to protest the crimes of US imperialism—and thereby renders the crimes of rival imperialisms invisible to the activist-left milieu. The pseudo-left betrayal of Ukraine to imperialist aggression actually undermines our moral authority to oppose the crimes of the US and its client states in places like Gaza and Yemen.

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In our holiday fund drive, we are only $100 toward our very modest goal of $500. We also gained a few new Patreon followers, so those funds (which we count toward the total) will be trickling in over the coming weeks. But we'd like to get a little closer to being over the hump before we get any deeper into 2022. We understand that our ultra-dissident perspective as well as the fact the we cover "obscure" wars, conflicts and social struggles outside the media spotlight, means that we will never have a mass readership that can raise thousands of dollars (as do our frankly rival websites that successfully play to the crowd). But if you want the latest news on revolution around the world from a radical dissident-left perspective with 0% unvetted provocation or state propaganda, you know where to turn: CounterVortex. If you appreciate our rigorous reportage and ultra-dissident analysis, please give what you can.

Keep CounterVortex alive with a year-end donation!

Some of our supporters have been very generous this year, which we deeply appreciate. But even with a couple of big anonymous donations, we only met slightly more than half of our annual operating costs (website and podcast hosting, domain registration, ongoing technical maintenance and development, etc.) Our ideological rivals like Greyzone and Counterpunch can reliably raise thousands of dollars in their fund drives; we will be content with mere hundreds. If you want the latest news on revolution around the world from a radical dissident-left perspective with 0% unvetted provocation or state propaganda, you know where to turn: CounterVortex. If you appreciate our rigorous reportage and ultra-dissident analysis, please give what you can.

Podcast: CounterVortex at 20

In Episode 91 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg notes the 20th anniversary of the launch of World War 3 Report, as it was then called—a direct response to 9-11 and Dubya Bush's declaration of the Global War on Terrorism. In 2005, it was renamed World War 4 Report, on the logic that the Cold War had been World War III, and to emphasize support for the "Fourth World"—land-rooted, stateless, and indigenous peoples. In 2016, the project was transformed into CounterVortex, in light of its expanding mission beyond the original mandate of the GWOT, and to emphasize the need for general resistance to humanity's downward spiral into ecological collapse and permanent war

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