World War 4 Report ditches Google Ads!

We finally took the plunge and removed the damn Google Ads from the World War 4 Report website. We were encouraged by the fact that one reader signed up to sponsor us on Patreon. We now have one Patreon sponsor, and one monthly subscriber on PayPal. Both are paying around $10 per month. The Patreon sponsor pays $1.50 per "paid" post from World War 4 Report. We pledge to keep "paid" posts to Patreon within the range five-to-ten a month. We hope we can gain more subscribers and make up for the modest earnings we got from Google Ads. Will you help our ultra-dissident voice survive?

World War 4 Report on semi-hiatus

World War 4 Report editor and chief blogger Bill Weinberg will be traveling for the next 10 days, so the blog will be at a reduced level of activity and there will be no headlines mailing next weekend. The mailing should resume Monday Aug. 3. If you wish to be added to the weekly list, please be in touch. Your address will NEVER be shared with any third parties, and you will receive only one mailing per week. Meanwhile, please consider supporting our ongoing work by becoming a sponsor on Patreon. We will happily accept between $0.25 and $5.00 per post. Payments can be discontinued at any time. Remember: World War 4 Report receives no foundation sponsorship; we depend on our readers to support our work.

Please support our modest fund drive...

Amid all the "spin" and punditry that usually hides more than it reveals (whether it is coming from the left, right or center), World War 4 Report is producing daily no-bullshit updates on the terrifying situation in Iraq and Syria: Just the facts, detailed but concise, mostly from independent sources within the region—occasionally punctuated by pointed commentary dissenting from the unthinking dogmas of left, right and center alike. Do you value this? Please show it. Any donation at least makes a dent in our considerable overhead. Help us to keep these daily updates coming. Thanks to generous donations from three readers, we have made $250 since we launched our fund drive last month. So a big "thank you" to those of you who have come through. We would like to reach at least $500—about a quarter of our annual operating costs. If you appreciate World War 4 Report's fact-heavy, comprehensive but digestible approach, please let us know! Click here to make a PayPal donation.

World War 4 Report 2014 new year reader survey

This year marks the twelfth since World War 4 Report was launched in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 to monitor global conflicts; support anti-militarist movements and autonomy struggles; and give voice to dissident-left perspectives from the Middle East, Latin America and around the world. We continue to have a dedicated following, but an admittedly select one. We continue to wonder how many readers "get" what we do, and how valuable it is to you. We would appreciate any response, either by e-mail or commentary on the website, to this brief reader survey...

World War 4 Report on partial shutdown!

OK loyal readers, here's an update on World War 4 Report's ongoing crisis. Although nobody has been able to diagnose what is worng with it, your editor and chief blogger's computer is now in the hopefully able hands of Apple. I have got a loan computer, but it is painfully slow and full of bugs. However, I am going to endeavor to keep the Daily Report at a minimum level of activity. With luck, I will have a fully functional computer again next week. Then we can get back to the ongoing effort to de-bug the website! Please help us pay for this necessary maintanence by supporting our fund drive! Thank you!

World War 4 Report on (hopefully brief) hiatus

World War 4 Report is on a hiatus of a few days due to technical difficulties. We are being hit with a trifecta of angst—glitches with our wesbite hosting, your chief blogger and editor's Internet connection, and my computer. The computer is going into the hospital today, so the Daily Report will be inactive—hopefully for less than a week. Please check back with us periodically to see if the Daily Report is being updated. And please help us pay for this necessary maintanence by supporting our fund drive! Thank you!

Fund drive over!

Hello, readers. Two of you who showed up at my presentation about Peru this evening on Manhattan's Lower East Side brought along your donations for World War 4 Report. So the tally now stands at $175. That means $825 to go. In addition to the costs of travel in South America—which allows us to bring you the most comprehensive coverage available in English on indigenous struggles in the Andes—we also had to install a new anti-spam program in order to re-enable comments. And did numerous other such pain-in-the-butt upgrades. Now we have to pay for it. Your chief blogger and his all-volunteer bare-bones editorial crew are too busy producing journalism to battle with the controls of the website, so we had to contract someone to do the upgrades for us. Please do your part to allow us to continue our work...

Bill Weinberg to speak on land and freedom in Peru

World War 4 Report editor Bill Weinberg, just back from Peru, will speak Friday June 28 at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS), 155 Ave. C between 9th and 10th Streets, on New York's Lower East Side. The talk and slide show will focus on struggles for urban space in Lima (community centers, squats, gardens); the movement for legalization of coca leaf, and against US-led eradication efforts; and peasant struggles for land and water against US mineral companies in the Andes. There will also be a report on recent protests in Lima against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, with a representative from NY Metro Trade Justice. The presentation will begin promptly at 7:00 PM.

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