Civil Resistance in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria

Iraq's Civil Resistance: Resource page

Iraq Freedom Congress statement on fifth anniversary of occupation, April 9, 2008

Resistance or retrogression? The battle of ideas over Iraq
by Peter Hudis, The International Marxist-Humanist, November 2004

Statement on the seventh anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), Oct. 7, 2008

NYC Syria Peace Vigil Group statement

Samir Adil, president of the Iraqi Freedom Congress, June 2006
Houzan Mahmoud  of the Iraqi Women's Rights Coalition, June 2006 
Yanar Mohammed of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, August 2004
Khayal Ibrahim of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq and Samir Noory of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq, May 2004
Interview with Issam Shukri of the Union of Unemployed in Iraq, May 2004

Palestine and Jewish solidarity

Resources on "transfer"/ethnic cleansing in Israel/Palestine
compiled by David Bloom

Palestine Solidarity Activists: Driving a Wedge in Consensus Reality—an interview with members of Jews Against the Occupation (JATO) and Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now (SUSTAIN)

Politics of the Anti-War Movement

The Politics of the Anti-War Movement
And the Intractable Dilemma of International ANSWER
by Bill Weinberg, December 2005

How the Anti-War Movement is Blowing It
by Bill Weinberg, September 2003

Beware Bush's Boomerang
The Anti-War Movement's Work Has Just Begun--But it Needs Historical Context
by Bill Weinberg, April 2003

The Mysterious Ramsey Clark: Stalinist Dupe or Ruling Class Spook?
by Manny Goldstein in The Shadow
(Also posted at World War 4 Report)

Al-Qaeda statements on 9-11

Osama bin Laden denial, Sept. 17, 2001

Osama bin Laden, Oct. 7, 2001

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Oct. 9, 2001

Osama bin Laden, Oct. 29, 2004

Historical Outlines

The Dispossession of the Palestinians: An Historical Outline
by Bill Weinberg

Historical Outline of Afghanistan
from the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade

Historical Outline of Egyptian Dynasties
from the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade

War at the Crossroads: An Historical Guide Through the Balkan Labyrinth
by Bill Weinberg and Dorie Wilsnack

Bill Weinberg's 2003 reports from South America

Indigenous Opposition to Puebla-Panama Plan Faces Repression

Barrancabermeja: Paramilitary Terror and the Struggle for Colombia's Oil

Cimitarra Valley: Between Glyphosate and the AUC

State of Siege in Arauca: Indigenous Peoples, Civil Society Under Attack in Colombia's Oil Zone

Cauca: Autonomy Under the Gun

African Renaissance in a Colombian War Zone

Nonviolence in Colombia

Indigenous Ecuador Meets the New Boss

Plan Colombia Militarizes Peruvian Amazon

Pipeline Protests Rock Peruvian Amazon

Bolivia: In the Wake of "Black October"

Amazonia: Planning the Final Destruction
(from Native Americas: Hemispheric Journal of Indigenous Issues, Fall/Winter 2001, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)


Listen to "Free Trade, Ecological Struggle, and the War on Terrorism in Latin America," an Aug. 16, 2002 talk by Bill Weinberg at the Reclaiming the Anarchist Tradition conference, Plainfield, VT.

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