Regional lines drawn over Somaliland conflict

Addis Ababa held talks on military cooperation with Somaliland Jan. 8—a week after announcing a controversial deal on sea access through the self-governing unrecognized republic. The talks began the same day Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud visited Eritrea (Ethiopia's regional rival) seeking support for his harsh opposition to the deal, decried as a step toward recognition of Somaliland's independence. President Mohamud also signed a law Jan. 6 nullifying the New Year's Day memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the governments of Ethiopia and Somaliland, which grants the landlocked regional power a corridor to Somaliland's port of Berbera. The Somaliland government, based in Hargeisa, claims full sovereignty, and does not recognize Mogadishu's jurisdiction over the territory. (TNH, BBC News, Jurist)

Ethiopia ambassador to Somalia questions country's sovereignty?

Ethiopian ambassador to Somalia, Muktar Mohamed Ware, issued an apology following reports of his possible dismissal over remarks he made regarding the country in an interview with Ethiopian media. Ware reportedly said that Somalia is a nation "created by colonialists" and that "Somaliland is an independent country which has both de facto and juridical authority to sign international agreements." (Jurist)

Somalia expels Ethiopia ambassador over Somaliland dispute

Somalia announced April 3 the expulsion of the Ethiopian ambassador Muktar Mohamed Ware. The announcement comes amid worsening relations between Ethiopia and Somalia regarding the recognition of Somaliland’s independence. (Jurist)