Mysterious drone strikes on Transnistria

The Russian Foreign Ministry has called for an investigation into a drone strike in Moldova's breakaway Transnistria region, condemning the attack as "yet another provocation" in the enclave. The "kamikaze" strike targeted a Transnistrian defense ministry installation April 5, resulting in damage to a radar station. The targeted facility lies six kilometers from the border of Ukraine. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova charged the attack was "aimed at aggravating the already tense situation around Transnistria." She stated that Russia expect "a thorough investigation into all the circumstances of what happened," adding: "We trust that those behind this reckless action will fully realize its dangerous consequence."

The attack was the second to occur in Transnistria in less than a month. The region was similarly hit with a drone strike on March 17, causing a fire and resulting in damage to military equipment. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic, as the breakaway government is called, condemned the March strike as a terrorist attack. At the time, Moldova's Bureau of Reintegration Policy stated that Ukraine was not involved in the incident.

The largely Russian-speaking Transnistria enclave has been supported by Russia since it broke away in the 1990s. The enclave hosts approximately 1,500 Russian troops.

From Jurist, Aoril 7. Used with permission.

Moldova and EU sign historic defense partnership

The Republic of Moldova and the European Union signed a security and defense partnership on May 21, making Moldova the first non-member country to enter into such an agreement with the EU. (Jurist)