Climate protesters shut down The Hague

Climate protestors who attempted to create a road blockade at The Hague were detained April 6 by Dutch police. Among those detained was prominent climate activist Greta Thunberg. Protestors took to the streets to oppose fossil fuel subsidies, and especially the Dutch government's tax concessions for companies such as Royal Dutch Shell. Hundreds of demonstrators marched from The Hague city center to a field next to the A12 highway, a main artery through the Netherlands, which some then tried to block with their bodies.

The protest, organized by Extinction Rebellion, was part of an international campaign against fossil fuel subsidies in Europe. The "United for Climate Justice" campaign brings together 30 organizations from 15 countries. Simultaneous demonstrations also took place as part of the campaign in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the UK. 

From Jurist, Apri 6. Used with permission.

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Climate activists shut down Munich airport

Ten climate activists were arrested May 18 for completely halting aircraft activity at Munich Airport. The protesters had glued themselves on an airway, thus making it impossible for around sixty departures and arrivals to happen. The protest was orchestrated by the group Letzte Generation (Last Generation). (Jurist)