Podcast: climate change and the global struggle

In Episode 81 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg takes stock of the fast-mounting manifestations of devastating climate destabilization—from Oregon to Siberia, from Germany to Henan. In Angola, traditional pastoralists are joining the ranks of "climate refugees" as their communal lands are stricken by drought. In Iran's restive and rapidly aridifying Ahwazi region, protests over access to water have turned deadly. These grim developments offer a foreboding of North America's imminent future. Yet media commentators continue to equivocate, asking whether these events are "linked to" or "caused by" climate change—rather than recognizing that they are climate change. And the opportunity for a crash conversion from fossil fuels that was posed by last year's pandemic-induced economic paralysis, when already depressed oil prices actually went negative, is now being squandered. Oil prices are again rising, with the return to pre-pandemic dystopian "normality."

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Production by Chris Rywalt

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UN report: pandemic emissions drop a 'temporary blip'

Declines in greenhouse gas emissions seen during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic were a "temporary blip" and emissions are rapidly returning to pre-pandemic levels, according to a United Nations-backed report. The World Meteorological Organization's United in Science 2021 report found that while emissions reductions last year likely resulted in lower annual growth of greenhouse gas concentration, the drop amounted to no more than natural fluctuations. (The Hill)