Burma: thousands displaced as junta bombs villages

More than 3,000 villagers from Burma's Karen state have fled their homes following a series of air-strikes by the military on territory controlled by the Karen National Union (KNU). Many fled to the Ei Tu Hta camp, which already holds some 2,400 internally displaced persons. Others fled across the Salween River, which separates Burma and Thailand. The air-strikes centered on Kho Kay village in Karen state's Mutraw (Hpapun) district. The strikes came after fighters from the KNU’s Brigade 5 overran the military's Thee Mu Hta base on March 27, capturing at least eight soldiers. (Myanmar Now)

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Symbolic date of Karen attack on Burmese military

Note that the KNU attack on the Thee Mu Hta army post took place on Burma's "Armed Forces Day"—which saw official parades in the capital Naypyitaw, but massacres of pro-democracy protesters in other cities.