Chile: Mapuche mobilize after racist mob attacks

Chile's Mapuche indigenous people are holding emergency community meetings in their territory to discuss how to respond to a wave of racist attacks. The most serious incident occurred Aug. 1 in Curacautín, Araucanía region, where a group of Mapuche protesters were holding an occupation of the municipal building. The protest had been called in solidarity with Celestino Córdova, a Mapuche leader imprisoned in relation to a conflict over land rights, and now on hunger strike to demand his freedom. The protesters were set upon by a mob, who ejected them from the municipal building before beating them in the street and setting several of their vehicles on fire. The attackers used racist slurs and slogans such as "¡Querían terrorismo, acá tienen terrorismo!" (You wanted terrorism, now you have terrorism!). The Carabineros looked on but did not interfere, only acting afterwards to remove remnant protesters from the building. (Resumen, Concepción;,, Cooperativa, Santiago; Amnesty International)

Truckers block roads in southern Chile

Truck drivers blocked highways in Chile after a long-running conflict with indigenous groups in the south of the country led to a spike in arson attacks on their vehicles. Eighty-five trucks have been burnt in 2020, according to data from one of the trucker associations that called for the strike. In the last few weeks, the attacks have become a near daily occurrence. Truckers are demanding the government approve a package of bills that would boost security measures and increase penalties for attacks. (Intermodal News)