Chiapas: mega-tourism, narco-terror at Palenque

Mexico's National Tourism Development Fund (Fonatur) has announced a new mega-complex to be built in the conflicted southern state of Chiapas. Centering around the Classic Maya ruins of Palenque, the complex will include an 8,000-room hotel, theme park and golf course. It will cover 58,490 hectares in the municipalities of Palenque, Catazajá, Chilón, Ocosingo, Salto del Agua and Tumbalá. Slated for completion in 2012, authorites say it will require the relocation of several local communities. (La Jornada, May 27) Meanwhile, the Federal Agency of Investigation (AFI) and Chiapas state police carried out raids of several houses and ranches in Palenque May 28. The raids came following an ambush of a patrol from the Chiapas State Agency of Investigation (AEI) just one block from Palenque's town plaza. The presumed sicarios (hired assassins) opened fire on the agents with AR-15 rifles from two cars, leaving one dead and two wounded. (APRO, May 29)

Elsewhere in Chiapas, the state government declared a state of emergency following intense rains and flooding which have left over 100 homeless in the Sierra Madre and Pacific coast regions. (La Jornada, May 29)

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A Maya theme park, which

A Maya theme park, which evicts real Maya people... Wasn't Baudrillard who said that everything is replaced by its own simulacrum?

this is so utterly

this is so utterly ridiculas. people need to be up in arms over development like this.