UN calls for urgent action on escalating Syria violence

The UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria released a report March 11 concerning the most severe escalation of violence in the country since 2020. Explosions during a military academy graduation ceremony in Homs triggered the escalation, which began in October, leading to a series of indiscriminate attacks by Syrian and Russian forces on opposition-held areas. The commission emphasizes that these attacks may constitute war crimes, targeting hospitals, schools, markets, and displaced persons camps.

Paulo Pinheiro, the chair of the Commission, stated: "Since October, Syria has seen the largest escalation in fighting in four years. With the region in turmoil, a determined international effort to contain the fighting on Syrian soil is imperative. Syria, too, desperately needs a ceasefire."

From Jurist, March 12. Used with permission.

Note: Over the past months, the Assad regime has repeatedly bombed hospitals in Syria’s rebel-held northwest

Last October's Homs attack followed renewed anti-regime protests in Sweida (Suwayda).

The Kurdish northeast region is meanwhile coming under intermittent Turkish bombardment.