Peru: first death in 'Taking of Lima'

The first death was reported Jan. 28 in the national protest mobilization on Peru's capital, dubbed the "Taking of Lima."  Victor Santisteban Yacsavilca, 55, was struck in the head with a tear-gas cannister, bringing the death toll since the national uprising began last month to 58. Earlier that day, Peru's Congress voted down a proposal by embattled President Dina Boluarte to bring forward elections to December 2023. On Dec. 20, Congress did approve a compromise measure calling for moving the elections forward from April 2026 to April 2024, but this is subject to a second plenary vote before becoming law. Protesters continue to demand immediate new elections, and the calling of a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution. (Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera, InfoBae, El Pais, Gestión)

On Jan. 21, the National Police raided San Marcos University, where Peruvians from across the country who came to Lima for the demonstrations were staying. Troops smashed through the campus gates with an armored vehicle, fired tear-gas, and detained more than 200 people for interrogation under the emergency measures in effect in the city. (TeleSur, InfoBaeThe Guardian)

Peru Congress again rejects advanced election timeline

A plenary session of the Peruvian Congress Feb. 2 rejected a proposal to move the date of the general election forward to July 2023 from the current April 2024 date. (Jurist)