Hundreds of civilians massacred in Burkina Faso

Security forces in junta-led Burkina Faso summarily executed more than 223 civilians, including at least 56 children, in the northern villages of Nondin and Soro in February, according to a Human Rights Watch report. The report says the massacres are among the worst atrocities carried out during the country's nearly 10-year internal conflict, and may amount to crimes against humanity. Survivors said they were accused by the military of being complicit with jihadists—which is a common and unfair charge that soldiers make against civilians living in areas where militants operate. Abuses like this have increased significantly under the current junta. 

From The New Humanitarian, April 26

Burkina Faso blocks international news organizations

The Superior Council of Communication (CSC) of Burkina Faso said in a statement April 28 that it had suspended several more international news outlets for covering a Human Rights Watch report accusing the country's military of killing civilians. Access to the websites of The Guardian, Deutsche Welle, Le Monde and others will be blocked until further notice. Last week, the CSC similarly suspended Voice of America and BBC Africa. (Jurist)

Burkina Faso junta extends rule by five years

Burkina Faso's acting president Captain Ibrahim Traoré, who seized power in a 2022 coup, signed a new amended Transition Charter May 25 that extends the transition period to five years. The original charter called for the transition period to end in July 2024. (Jurist)