Germany: ISIS suspect arrested for war crimes

The German Federal Criminal Police on April 11 arrested a suspect identified as Sohail A, said to be a former member of the Syrian insurgent group Liwa Jund al-Rahman and the Islamic State. Both are designated "terrorist organizations" by the German government, making membership an offense under Section 129a of the Criminal Code. Sohail A is also accused of participating in war crimes incuding forced displacement, breaching Section 8 of the International Criminal Code.

According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, Sohail A headed the media department of Liwa Jund al-Rahman, and was responsible for the group's propaganda.

Liwa Jund al-Rahman, or Brigade of the Soldiers of the Merciful God, is accused of a June 2013 "cleansing operation" in the village of Hatlah (Deir ez-Zor province), in which  Shi'ite residents were forcibly displaced. According to the German Prosecutor General, Sohail A had repeatedly glorified the Hatlah operation on various social media platforms.

The German Federal Criminal Police began cracking down on Liwa Jund al-Rahman last year. In September 2023, they arrested Amer A, the founder of the organization, and Basel O, a prominent commander of the organization's combat units.

Sohail A, Amer A and Basel O are all currently in pre-trial detention.

From Jurist, April 12. Used with permission.

Note: International Sunni militants in 2014 called for a jihad against Shia, to be launced in Syria.