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Iraqi TV: US blows up Ramadi school building

Sounds like the way to win hearts and minds:

US forces demolish education building near military base in western Iraq

Text of report by Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 17 December

US forces today completely demolished the building of the College of Education at Al-Ahliyah University in central Al-Ramadi, in the centre of Al-Anbar Governorate in western Iraq.

Ahmad Abd-al-Malik, dean of the College of Education, which was established in 1993 and included five academic departments, has told Al-Sharqiyah's correspondent that US forces demolished the building because it was located in the vicinity of a US military base.

Palestinians unite to call for release of four peace activist hostages in Iraq

ISM Press release:

December 3rd, 2005 | Posted in Press Releases
International Solidarity Movement


Since the first video of the four Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT)
members being held hostage in Iraq was released a few days ago,
Palestinians all over the West Bank and Gaza have been calling for
their release unharmed. The CPT is well known for its work against the
occupations in both Iraq and Palestine. It is probably most well known

Palestine solidarity activists held hostage in Iraq

From the Electronic Intifada & Electronic Iraq:

Press Release, Christian Peacemaker Teams, 29 November 2005

CPT Hebron contacted EI about the four members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams who were abducted in Iraq last Saturday. The four men are two CPTers and two delegates, one American, one British, and two Canadian. One, a CPT staff member, was to have come to work with CPT Hebron after his time in Iraq. Another worked in Palestine last year, and was active in demonstrating against Israel's West Bank Barrier in Jayyous. The four men were en route to a meeting with members of the Islamic Scholars Association when they were abducted just 100 yards from the mosque where their meeting was scheduled. The full text of CPT's official press release follows.

Italy blocks release of EU report on East Jerusalem

A highly critical report on Israeli actions in East Jerusalem by East Jerusalem and Ramallah-based British diplomats was leaked to the press by "someone who wanted to publicize it," according to the New York Times. The report was prepared for the EU foreign ministers, and was not supposed to be released, if at all, until December. The report -- it's not clear if this is the final version-- can be seen here.

The report warns that Israel's separation wall is being constructed "to seal off most of East Jerusalem, with its 230,000 Palestinian residents, from the West Bank" and is creating a "de facto annexation of Palestinian of East Jerusalem."

Is David Irving recanting his Holocaust denial?

David Irving, the self-trained British "historian" currently cooling his heels in an Austrian jail cell, appears to have recanted his denial of the Nazi Judeocide. The Nov.5 UK Guardian reports that a "repented" Irving plans to plead guilty to charges he lied about the Holocaust during speeches in Austria 16 years ago, violating a 1947 Austrian law banning Nazi revivalism and criminalising belittling or justifying the crimes of the Third Reich. Irving claimed at the time there were no gas chambers at the Auschwitz death camp, something he first said publicly at the 1988 trial of his friend Ernst Zundel, currently on trial as well in Germany for Holocaust denial. According to his lawyer Elmar Kresbach, Irving said, "I fully accept this, it's a fact. The discussion on Auschwitz, the gas chambers and the Holocaust is finished ... it's useless to dispute it." Kresbach added:

Scottish church leader: Israeli barrier "theft of land"

The following item is from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Church leader accuses Israel

A Scottish church leader called Israel’s West Bank security barrier a “theft of land."

See our last posts on Israel/Palestine

Haaretz: Israelis evacuated before Jordan bombings

The Israeli daily Ha'aretz claims Israeli citizens were evacuated from the Radisson Hotel in Amman hours before the bombing that killed 57. There is no attribution for the source of this information:

Last update - 00:45 10/11/2005
Israelis evacuated from Amman hotel hours before bombings
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

A number of Israelis staying on Wednesday at the Radisson hotel were evacuated before the bombing by Jordanian security forces, apparently due to a specific security alert. They were escorted back to Israel by security personnel.

McCain says Israel "doesn't torture" — but is that so?

Senator John McCain, a former naval aviator who was tortured during his six-year captivity by the North Vietnamese Army (NVA), is, to his great credit, inserting an anti-torture clause into a senate bill, to the consternation of the Bushies. The following piece ran in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency Nov.7:

McCain: Israelis don’t torture
Sen. John McCain cited Israel as an example of a nation that successfully combats terrorism without resorting to torture.

A bill by McCain (R-Ariz.) restricting all U.S. government employees to interrogation techniques in the army manual passed 90-9 last month, but is meeting fierce resistance from the White House, which wants to exempt CIA agents.

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